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Green Card

In Matter of Arrabally and Yerrabelly, 25 I&N De. 771 (BIA 2012), the Board of Immigration ruled that an individual who came into the US illegally but who is now on active Temporary Protected Status (TPS), who obtains a travel documents (advance parole) through USCIS and then leaves the US and reenters on that Advance parole, is eligible to adjust status IN the US (with an available immigrant visa), and is NOT subject to the 10 year bar waiver typically associated with his departure after having been illegally in the US for longer than 1 year.    


If you have TPS and are married to a US Citizen, or have a US Citizen child over the age of 21, you are now eligible for permanent residence without processing in your home country and without having to file a waiver!  See me for more information!