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The following is a brief account of our pursuit of a Green Card for my wife which would eventually lead us to Lyon Jemison. Let me first say, that being separated from my wife and 4 year old daughter was not an option. Should there be no other choice, we would all move to her country together. A small country with high unemployment and very few opportunities for me to support my family. After several years with our first "well known" attorney filing motions and appeals and losing each time, we realized we were in trouble. He told us that our case had serious obstacles that were "cast in stone" and could not be overcome and we would have to file appeals on different issues. He was right in that respect as others were being deported for less serious obstacles. We couldn't give up so we decided to find another Attorney. We met with Mr. Jemison who quickly earned our confidence as his honesty, enthusiasm and knowledge gave us hope. His assessment was that this would be one of his most challenging cases. For those serious obstacles he developed a plan to overcome them. Our entire future was dependant on Lyon's strategy. We knew it would be several months before we would see some results. It was nail biting time for us and hard work time for Lyon! Lyon's dedication and tenacity which no amount of money can buy was to prove crucial in the final outcome of this case. When we needed him, we called him and he was there for us every time. Mr. Jemison is a straight shooter who won't waste your time and money with some "pie in the sky" defense and worthless motions. By this time we knew that win or lose we had a great attorney and great representation. There would be no other attorneys. At the end of the day, our first attorney was dead wrong about one thing because he had never met "Lyon David Jemison", those obstacles that were "set in stone" were not only overcome, they no longer existed and to our great joy last week my wife received her Green Card. For the rest of our lives we will be forever grateful to our Attorney Lyon Jemison. Our daughter will grow up with all the opportunities that this great country has to offer because "our" attorney is not only a great attorney, he is the "GREATEST"!!!

Great Lawyer!


I was charged with an alcohol related crime (DUI) in Savannah, Georgia. This attorney was able to explain the charges and penalties to me in detail after several others were not. He covered all of my options and possible outcomes. I hired him to represent me and although my case took almost a year to complete I was found NOT GUILTY!



Trustworthy ! Responsive!  Knowledgeable!


I recommend Lyon D. Jemison, the immigration lawyer, to every one who want to receive qualified low help in field of Immigration. He helped us in situation from " Adjustment of Status" to receiving a "Status of Permanent Residence".  He is a very honest and open to problem's of human.


Beyond Impressive - Exceptional Service (Richmond Hill and Savannah, GA, Lawyer)


I would recommend Lyon to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer. He is extremely kind and helpful, knowledgeable and efficient. He never rushes you, always has time


Awesome immigration Lawyer - Better than Atlanta’s best Immigration Attorney in Savannah!



I was looking for immigration lawyers in the past to help me to get my Green card but never had any luck..Some said that they could not help me because I had been here in the states to long, some said I had to go back to Germany. I came to the states in 91 had 2 Boys here .I was always afraid that I get deported because i didn't have any kind of valid I'D they were all exspirerd .But now my life is complete.Thanks to the Best Lawyer in the Southeast Mr. Lyon Jemison .I called to set up an appointment and I went to his office with the few papers I had and he told me, I get back with you not even 30 minutes later he called me and said that he can help me 99'9% and that he can get me a Greencard. Oh my did I cry out of Happiness I thought there was no hope at all because of what all the other Lawyers had told me . He is very straight on point and handle his work with care I will regument him to anybody that needs help especially for immigration. hank you so much Mr. Lyon


Awesome and Caring


Mr. Jemison handled my criminal case with professionalism and distinction. I had 24-7 access to his personal phone, he communicated well with me and my wife while our case was pending in the court, and he developed a strategy for helping me get the best result possible out of my case while being rigorously honest and forcefully ON MY SIDE! He advocated as an attorney determined to getting the best result possible for me. And he SUCCEEDED! My whole family is elated with Mr. Jemison's talent and intelligence. We will recommend everyone possible to him for both criminal and immigration matters!! God threw away the mold after making this guy! Thank you Mr. Jemison! Thank you! I would not have my green card nor would I have had the results I got in criminal court without you! God Bless!


Very Gracious & Very Helpful !


It's nice to see somebody care these days...and not just because you're putting money in their pocket! The criminal lawyer, Mr. Jemison, took my case as a public defender and truly cared about helping me!


Reliable and trustworthy


Immigration lawyer Jemison help me on my immigration status, as well on a DUI case. He demonstrated knowledge on both. I know i can trust and count on him when needed. He is very responsible and will tell you everything the way it is. It is great to know that theres someone out there we can trust and will he honest in every aspect of your case. I appreciate everything Mr. Jemison has done for me, this is why I recommend him.


Humble and Respectful


I can't imagine a better immigration attorney. Mr. Jemison is diligent and patient despite the unique circumstances of our case. He is happy to answer questions in vivid details or demonstrate them in pictures. Even though I tried to handle aspects of my case from many miles away--he took charge and handled the issue as if it was right across the street. He works tirelessly to ensure no details are overlooked.

I know Mr. Jemison will keep abreast of immigration issues in an ever-changing environment and regularly communicate the implications of changes to me.

I am fortunate and pleased to be in the hands of Mr. Jemison's personable, knowledgeable, and responsive practice. Again, I am explosively satisfied with Mr. Jemison's performance and skills.


I recommend Lyon Jemison.  


Thanks to Mr. Jemison my husband was able to obtain his Resident Visa and, subsequently, his U.S. citizenship in a timely and efficient manner. I would definitely recommend Mr. Jemison to anyone looking for a knowledeable and efficient immigration lawyer.


Gracias al Sr. Jemison, mi esposo pudo obtener su Visa de Residente y, posteriormente su ciudadania norteamericana de una manera eficiente. Recomiendo ampliamente al Sr. Jemison.


Mr. Jemison was top notch in handling our immigration case. Highly recommend this attorney!  My husband nor I had a clue where to begin the green-card/ citizenship process after getting married in 2009. After meeting with Lyon just the first time we both felt informed about the process and confident in Lyon's abilities. He made the process very easy for us based on his organized directions and accessibility when ever we needed him. We are finally on the verge of completing my husband's citizenship and know we still can call Lyon if we ever have any new questions, concerns or comments.


He is both very professional and personable and we enjoyed working with him. No questions asked; we will use Lyon's services in the future if need be.